1990 HSV VG Maloo – Today’s Tempter

By: Alex Affat, Unique Cars magazine

HSV VG Maloo front side HSV VG Maloo front side
HSV VG Maloo front side bonnet HSV VG Maloo front side bonnet
HSV VG Maloo rear side HSV VG Maloo rear side
HSV VG Maloo engine HSV VG Maloo engine
HSV VG Maloo interior HSV VG Maloo interior

The first HSV Maloo, one of 132 built: 5.0lt V8, five-speed manual, 170,492kms

Throughout much of the 80s, farmers and tradies walking into a Holden dealership had little else to look at other than the Japan-built Isuzu-sourced Rodeo.

But things were soon to change with the 1988 release of Holden’s second-generation VN Commodore, and opening the door for a proper traditional passenger car-based ute.

The Holden VG ute arrived in 1990 and, while it wasn’t actually badged as a Commodore, shared both of the passenger car range’s fuel-injected 3.8lt V6 and 5.0lt V8. The VG ute also borrowed the station wagon’s coil sprung rear suspension, although its load capacity was improved with helper springs.


The new VG, with its more sophisticated rear suspension caught the eye of HSV, who was already busy building a number of performance-oriented variants based atop the new Commodore.

The VG ute would be the first platform to wear the Maloo nameplate, and was – in this generation – a limited production built with only 132 units produced.

For visual impact, HSV clad the VG ute in a mixture of SV3800 and SV89 body components, whilst the 5.0lt V8 was rated lineball with the 180kW SV89 engine.


This VG Maloo is an early build, representing #14 of 132 built. Specified in Maranello red and featuring its numbers-correct 5.0lt V8 and five-speed manual, the Maloo has travelled 170,492kms in its life and is described as ‘mechanically strong’.

The body presents well for its age, with good paint and original stickers throughout. A new tonneau cover has been fitted, although the original HSV monogrammed cover will also be included.


Of the 132 VG Maloos built, it’s safe to say far less survive to this day.

The VG Maloo is based in Sydney, and is listed for $36,000.

You can check out the full listing here!


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