1965 GT40 roadster + land speed record breaking Streamliners - Auction Action 443

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gt40 roadster gt40 roadster

Live auctions might be on hold right now but the action scene continues to bustle along with online events. Here are some recent highlights

1965 GT40 Roadster

Passed in: $10.5M
Mecum, Indy

You would think that a cool 10 mil just might do the job if you were bidding on a classic – even a very nice one! However pre-sale publicity was predicting more like $15 million for this car, the only GT40 roadster prototype with Le Mans race history. Its sister car, the previous shell, went for 10 mil not so long ago.


1996 Matra Honda Streamliner

Sold: $53,000
Donnington, Binalong


Another strong result from the Binalong auction – this one-off Matra Honda, which claims a land speed record for 500cc vehicles. It's running a Honda twin-cylinder motorcycle engine and transmission, and was built by Frenchmen Henri Julien and Bernard Boyer to beat a record that stood for over 40 years. Their 222.5km/h mark, set in France in 1997, still stands.


2009 V8 400mph Streamliner

Sold: $245,000
Bring a Trailer, USA


Since we've dipped a toe into the shark-infested waters of speed records, why not go the whole way? This creation (from the USA, of course) has set wheel-driven records at Bonneville, with a two-way run at over 400mph (640km/h). Somewhat
frustratingly for the team, the runs were on a V8 Cadillac-based engine cobbled up at the last minute with mis-matched turbos.


Auction watch - what's moving and shaking:

Mitsubishi Scorpion


In case you missed it, some of those cheap and cheerful old Japanese coupes from the seventies are coming back. With prices on classics like 240Z and early Celicas climbing into luxury car territory, people are now taking a good hard look at models like the Mitsubishi Scorpion, based on the Sigma platform. You got hardtop style with a 2.0lt then 2.6lt powerplant, all for under $10k back in the late 1970s. You can still get them for reasonable money and they offer good bang for the buck.


From Unique Cars #443, Aug 2020 

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