HDT HT 350 GTS Monaro + FJ-43 Toyota Land Cruiser + Hudson Hornet - Auction Action 442

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holden ht monaro holden ht monaro

Recent auction highlights from around the world...

1969 Holden Monaro HT 350 GTS HDT

Sold: $750,000

Speaking of defying gravity, this significant early Monaro claimed a jaw-dropping top bid. There was a silly story getting about prior to the auction that the car could have an export ban slapped on it because of its historical importance. This ignored the commercial reality that it would be far less significant to an international audience and would be unlikely to attract the same interest overseas.


1982 FJ-43 Toyota Land Cruiser

Sold: A$87,000

R:\Web\WebTeam\Mary\Motoring\UC 442\auction\toyota-landcruiser.jpg

Yep, Cruisers continue to defy gravity in the crazy world of auctions. Sure, a short wheelbase FJ-43 has loads of appeal, but this has now turned into an investment vehicle. We love the description of the cabin: "tritone with orange door panels and seat upholstery over front and rear brown floor coverings with beige piping". Now there's a mental image to keep you awake at night!


1951 Hudson Hornet

Sold: A$92,000

R:\Web\WebTeam\Mary\Motoring\UC 442\auction\hudson-hornet.jpg

Convertible Brougham completes the auctioneer's description fo this one. Hudson had a knack for building handsome cars and this one follows in the company tradition of running a big six rather than the almost compulsory V8 preferred by its competitors.With an engine capacity of 308ci (5.1lt) the 145-horse powerplant was tied to a four-speed automatic. Just 360 of these are thought to have been built. We want one.


Auction watch: What's moving and shaking

Chrysler VH Pacer sedanR:\Web\WebTeam\Mary\Motoring\UC 442\auction\chrysler-charger.jpg

When you think about Pacers, the VF/VG sedans and VG coupes always come to mind. The VH Pacer has always taken a back seat regarding collectability let alone value but the distinct features and quirkiness of this model ticks all the right boxes. The VH was slightly larger than the prior generation Valiant but substantially wider and had a totally new body design. Your greatest challenge is finding an intact car that retains its unique components such as the shared R/T Charger instrument cluster and the 265 Hemi engine.


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