1988 Mazda RX-7 FC – Today’s Tempter

By: Alex Affat, Unique Cars magazine

FC RX 7 front side FC RX 7 front side
FC RX 7 rear side FC RX 7 rear side
FC RX 7 rear side roof FC RX 7 rear side roof
FC RX 7 interior FC RX 7 interior
FC RX 7 engine FC RX 7 engine

Tidy second-generation rotary coupe: turbo, very low-Ks, auto

Few could have foreseen the passionate following that Mazda’s unconventional rotary powerplant would come to muster: with early examples proving hugely popular with local collectors, while younger generations continue to fuel the popularity of Mazda’s more modern sports coupes.

For the brand’s ubiquitous RX-7: it the first SA22-generation and the last-of-the-lineage FD-generation that command the most attention, but we think the second FC-generation – and its 80s wedge styling – is worth a look and somewhat underrated.


The FC-generation of RX-7 began in 1986, and represented a technical leap over the outgoing first-generation. Overall wheelbase and body dimensions were virtually the same, yet the whole car was 10kgs lighter.

The old live axle was replaced with new multi-link suspension while disc brakes appeared at all corners as standard. The 13b rotary engine was also improved with a lighter (yet stronger) casting, improved rotors and seals, and was designed to build revs quicker whilst generating less heat and using less fuel.


The addition of a turbocharger yielded a 32-percent power increase and yielded around 146kW.

This 1988 Mazda FC RX-7 on sale here is a Japanese-spec turbocharged convertible. Mazda Australia never officially imported the force-fed soft-top, opting only for the naturally-aspirated version due to costs.

 It’s an automatic, which may dissuade some diehard Japanese sporting enthusiasts, but it reportedly shows a tremendously low odometer reading of 65,364kms.


The convertible rotary coupe presents well in photos, with a seemingly clean body and a good interior free of significant and obvious wear, tear or sun fading.

For anyone after a cool 80s cruiser for summer; this FC RX-7 convertible can be found in Victoria, listed for  $19,950.

Check out the full listing here!


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