Porsche model + FJ watch + Brock Polarizer + F1 program - Gearbox 441

By: Unique Cars magazine

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Inside this month's Unique Cars gearbox...

1. Porsche 934 model

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This eye-catching large-scale (1:12) model is of the uber-fast Porsche 934, developed to compete in the Group 4 GT category of FIA races. It was the car to beat through the 1970s and remains a formidable competitor in classic racing today. The model is by Tamiya and is around 36cm long - so there’s no chance of losing it on the book shelves! Southern Models is the distributor and retailers can be found in any capital city. It sells for around $230.



2. Turbo tee

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This cool-looking shirt is about as brand-neutral as you can get but still has the retro look. So whether you have a 930 Porsche, or you’ve just whacked a puffer on your mum’s unsuspecting Toyota Crown, it kinda works.

The good thing is the shirt comes in a big range of colours, so you can match it to whatever it is you’re flogging around the countryside. Sizes range from small to 5XL and it looks like they’re made to order. Cost is $40 through a mob called Tee Republic, online (item 2724854).



3. FJ watch

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We reckon you’re pretty much the proverbial shot dog for this, if you happen to be an FJ Holden owner. Or you just might be a tragic when it comes to collecting interesting watches. In either case, Bradford in Oz has released this timepiece, which it describes as a mid-century styled watch cast in stainless steel. It’s engraved and has a leather band, and of course has that distinctive hood ornament reproduced on the face.

Yours for $250.


4. Polarize this

R:\Web\WebTeam\Mary\Motoring\UC 441\gearbox\energy-polarizer.jpg

You know the world is getting seriously weird when someone sees a market for making an imitation of something that was weird and fake to start with – a dummy of a dummy, if you will. Yep you can now buy a reproduction Energy Polarizer, complete with a copy of the 1980s instructions. Because it’s not a real polarizer, it probably won’t make your VL go faster, and you will still have to run normal tyre pressures... Priced at $185.



5. Flooring

R:\Web\WebTeam\Mary\Motoring\UC 441\gearbox\car-floor-carpet.jpg

If you’re part way through a resto, or are just tidying up the beast in the shed, one of the jobs you might consider is replacing the floor mats while you’re at it. If you’re clever and spectacularly patient, or a glutton for punishment, you could cut and fit your own carpeting. Or you could go to Trufit and buy a ready-made and moulded set-up that slots straight in. It has a sale on going for Ford, Holden, Nissan and Toyota in lots of colours at $295 a set.


6. Phantom F1

R:\Web\WebTeam\Mary\Motoring\UC 441\gearbox\f1-program.jpg

Did you miss the Australian F1 grand prix this year? Yup, so did everyone else! One of the weird consequences of the race being cancelled by Covid at the last minute was a bundle of nice, fat, and glossy programs was left abandoned at the starting grid. The publication was stitched together by our own Mark ‘Higgo’ Higgins  and is now a quirky souvenir of the race that never was! Yours through the Street Machine mag shop for mere $20.



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