1980 Holden VC HDT Brock – Today’s Tempter

By: Alex Affat, Unique Cars magazine

VC Brock front side VC Brock front side
VC Brock side VC Brock side
VC Brock rear side VC Brock rear side
VC Brock interior front VC Brock interior front
VC Brock interior rear VC Brock interior rear
VC Brock engine VC Brock engine
VC Brock undercarriage VC Brock undercarriage

Ticks a lot of boxes

Brock's first production model was pitched as a locally-made performance car with plenty of extras and luxury mixed in. It remains a sought-after piece for HDT enthusiasts and wider Holden fans alike.

Like many of Australia’s most desired models however, they went through a long period where you could have stepped into one rather cheaply – especially considering how special they are, and that just 500 were produced.


At the time, it was one of the quickest Aussie road cars you could buy; with power output of the fettled 308ci increased by almost 40kW over the top-spec SL/E. The main choice for buyers was the colour (Red, white, or black) and the gearbox: of which you could opt for the M21 four-speed manual, or a three-speed TH350.

Understandably, a manual like this one, is the one to have as a collector as a little over half were fitted with the auto from factory.

This one is #317, and seems to check a lot of boxes for the prospective buyer.


Finished in Palais White, the VC Brock reportedly shows a low 105,000kms on the odo and is said to drive beautifully with no squeaks or rattles - according to the seller.

The car has received an overhauled braking system with rebuilt calipers, new rotors, brake lines and fuel lines. The fuel tank has also been reconditioned and a new exhaust fitted. The car retains its original exhaust manifolds, original heads, carburettor, air cleaner, gearbox, differential and steering wheel.


Front end components and engine parts have been powdercoated and the body is described as straight and tidy.

Inside, the interior is described as excellent with functioning electrics – albeit no air-conditioning.

The car is accompanied by HDT authenticity papers and build sheets. Apart from missing original log books, all else looks to be in order at a first glance.


Our most recent VC Brock Buyer’s Guide pitches values of excellent cars at $85,000+ with outstanding examples known to break six figures.

This one might be worth a look for someone interested in entering the HDT/Brock market.

This one is based in Queensland and is listed for $79,000.

Check out the full listing here!


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