1976 Chrysler Valiant VK Ute – Today’s Tempter

By: Alex Affat, Unique Cars magazine

VK Valiant ute front side VK Valiant ute front side
VK Valiant ute rear side VK Valiant ute rear side
VK Valiant ute engine VK Valiant ute engine
VK Valiant ute odo VK Valiant ute odo

Neat-looking VK Valiant ute turned into R/T Charger mockup: 215ci inline-six, manual

Chrysler’s VK Valiant was perhaps a little ill-timed in its introduction; it landed in October 1975 amidst a global oil crisis, soaring prices at the pump, and a market that was increasingly growing hostile to large cars.

Less than a year, the VK was gone with just over 20,000 produced. Not exactly a raging success in its day, but a rare find in surviving condition come the year 2020.

The VK represented a light facelift, with Chrysler reportedly short of funds to do much else. The grille was new, as were some body embellishments, whilst the interior cabin was bestowed with the Valiant’s first multi-function column stalk and inertia reel seat belts.


Bodies ranged between sedans, wagons, coupes and utilities; with engine options comprising of the 215ci (dropped in favour of a low-compression 245 later in mid-1976), 245ci and 265ci inline-sixes, and 318ci and 360ci V8s.

This VK ute is an early 1976 model still utilising the economical two-barrel 215ci inline-six, mated to a three-speed manual.

The car has been ‘restored’ to resemble an R/T Charger mockup, painted in Hemi Orange Acrylic and said to be in good condition with no rust.


The base inline-six has been fettled with extractors, exhaust and electronic ignition; and the car has also been treated to power disc brakes, sway bar and new brake hoses.

The Valiant ute is described to be in good driving condition and looks pretty neat overall. No doubt the ute will appeal as a project, perhaps to someone looking to give it an engine package befitting its R/T Charger costume, or perhaps would like to restore back to its humble base-model utility roots.


Either way, it seems like decent value especially when compared to an equivalent mid-70s Falcon or Kingswood ute.

The VK Valiant ute is based in Queensland and is listed for $27,500.

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