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chrysler charger chrysler charger

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1971 Chrysler VH Charger R/T

Sold: $99,000

In case you were wondering, the local classic market is alive and well, thanks – or at least that's the message from the most recent Shannons Sydney-Melbourne online effort. This nicely restored Charger was unquestionably one of the highlights and looked like it was solid value while still getting respectable money.


2006 Ford GT

Sold: A$400,000
Bring A Trailer

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There was a bit of trepidation when Ford had the termerity to revisit one of its most iconic designs, the GT40, in the shape of a road car. Of course it couldn't quite match the original race cars, but it did a fair imitation while having that all-important blue oval imprimatur. Values have always held up pretty well and this was a pretty good deal for a well-kept low-miler in as-ordered trim. They look sinister in black, don't they?


1967 VW Kombi 'Split Window'

Sold: $50,500

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It's nice to see a split-window Kombi going for less than six figures, even if we're still talking a substantial chunk of change. This was a very clean older camper fit-out and we reckon you would have left it just as it was. It kind of oozed charm and you can well imagine the new owner packing it up with a basket of sangers and a few bottles of wine and heading off for a few days.


1968 Jensen FF MkI

Sold: $72,000

R:\Web\WebTeam\Mary\Motoring\UC 441\auction\jensen.jpg

Easily one of the most interesting lots in the Shannons auction was this Jensen FF, an all-wheel-drive version of the monster Brit bomber. Of course there's a Chrysler 440 and three-speed auto in its snout. This one was set up for a bit of classic targa action and you'd have to say it would be a thoroughly entertaining thing to drive through boondocks of Tassie!


1982 Holden VH SS Commodore

Sold: $18,600

R:\Web\WebTeam\Mary\Motoring\UC 441\auction\holden-ss-commodore.jpg

Far more modest was this unassuming VH Commodore, which was advertised as needing a full resto. It was a 5.0lt four-speed with the correct numbers, and it was an SS. So that was the good news. The not-so-good was the warning from the seller about "rust in the usual places". Given how far the new owner will have to go before they have it back to showroom condition, that was a pretty solid price.


What's moving & shaking:

Nissan Skyline Silhouette R31

R:\Web\WebTeam\Mary\Motoring\UC 441\auction\nissan-skyline-r31-silhouette.jpg

The popularity of Aussie-built 1980s cars has soared in recent years and the market has reflected that with premium prices paid for local performance heroes. The Nissan Skyline R31 Silhouette was often overlooked in favour of the upmarket SVD models but has proved its popularity with its shared body styling and own unique characteristics. Powered by the RB30 six, and well equipped with disc brakes and bucket seats, they would make a reliable weekender. Hunt for a standard car and you could own one in the $5-15k range.


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