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scalextric falcon hardtop scalextric falcon hardtop

Inside this month's Unique Cars gearbox...


1. Scalextric hero hardtop slot car

Bathurst 1975 wasn’t a great year for drivers John Goss and Kevin Bartlett, as their hardtop failed to finish. However it was a fabulous-looking thing. You can relive the moments (and finish!) with this Scalextric slot car that boasts working lights. It will also cost you whole lot less than the original at $69. There is a choice of local hero cars from the 1970s through to 2019 in the $69-79 range.

There is also a huge range of international cars - see


2. Recaro retro race seat

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Retro is all the rage and Recaro has jumped on the bandwagon with a range of seats called Classic Line, Catering for cars from the 70s, 80s and 90s. They’ve redesigned and produced an updated version of their Recaro LX and Recaro LS seats that were originally released in 1984. The focus is on European cars namely the VW Golf, BMW 3-Series, Mercedes 190 and early Audis. They look right at home in classic European compacts and have been subtly redesigned with modern safety, ergonomics and comfort in mind. Priced from $3000.

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3. American Racing five-slot jelly bean wheels

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Wheel choice can be very personal and very public at the same time. We reckon that if you’re in any doubt, there are a handful of classic looks that fit certain period cars and just finish off the resto with a bit of bling. One of those is a five-slot jelly bean that’s particularly well-suited to Aussie and American muscle. American Racing offers this wheel with what seems like a fairly high degree of customisation when it comes to stud patterns, rim sizes and offsets. Wheel Pros Australia is the local agent.


4. Jay Leno car care kit

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Here’s something a little different and just might fit the bill if your looking for a gift for a car nut – a Jay Leno car care kit. Leno’s career took off as a comedian and then late night TV show host in the USA. In more recent years, however, he’s become famous for being the world’s highest-profile car collector whose You Tube channel gets huge traffic.The car care kit has all sorts of potions and goodies and is sold through Mustang Motorsport for $118.


5. 'Meep Meep' Road Runner horn

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You may have noticed the stunning 440 Road Runner on our cover this month (issue #440). One of the intriguing stories behind the series is the negotiations between Warner Brothers and Chrysler to licence the Road Runner name and then develop a horn that imitated the distinctive ‘meep meep’ Road Runner call. Classic Industries in the USA will happily sell you one of those horns, in the right colour and correct stickers for around $120 plus shipping.


6. Parts washer tub

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If you’re tackling the big resto or engine build, one of the things you seem to spend an inordinate amount of time on is cleaning up old parts so you can make a decision on whether to fix or replace. And it’s messy. A proper parts washer tub is one of things nobody thinks they need, until they use one,. Then you become a convert. Hare & Forbes Machinery House has a reasonably-priced solution set up with a pump and nozzle, on a stand, for $176 including GST (currently on sale for $149 inc GST). Item number A368.


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