2000 Honda Civic sells for AU$71,000

By: Alex Affat, Unique Cars magazine

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Popular Japanese compact posts huge sale on Bring-A-Trailer auction site

UPDATE: The auction is now closed and the final winning bid for this immaculately preserved Honda Civic EM1 coupe came in at a whopping US$50,000, which - at the current exchange rate - equates to a ludicrous AU$71,465 in Down Under dollars.

A total of 36 bids were lodged over the sale, perhaps a surprising show of interest for what was an extremely prolific and popular mainstream compact for Honda, especially in the US market at the time.

It's a fantastic result for this model which usually isn't on the collector radar at all. And while it's not impossible for the new owner to make their money back in the future, don't expect to see this car flipped for a profitable windfall in the short term.

We'd guess the auction winner is most likely a (very) passionate Honda enthusiast/collector with long-term ownership intentions. With the unimagined rate of popularity for modern Japanese cars amongst younger enthusiasts with the means to become collectors - this is certainaly a car than can be enjoyed sparingly and with sympathy; and should face no shortage of interest as less and less road-going examples survive.

If $71,000 is shocking for a 20 year old Honda now: who knows where these once-unloved modern compacts will be in another 20 years.


While Australia never received the sporty Honda Civic Si model with its larger 1.8lt B18 engine, although we did receive this generation of coupes (as well as its sedan and hatchback counterparts) powered by Honda’s smaller D16 engine.

This Electron Blue example is certainly the nicest of its kind we’ve seen, but this particular young model of Honda isn’t exactly considered a ‘collectible’ in the traditional sense. Still, this one is currently up for grabs on the US auction site Bring-A-Trialer and - at the time of writing - is sitting with a spectacular high bid of almost AU$40,000 (US$27,250 to be exact).

And there’s still over two days to go!


Of course the outstanding high-bid comes from an outstanding condition vehicle.

It’s a two-owner car, with the current owner procuring the vehicle in 2004 from the original Floridian owner.

The humble Honda Civic shows just 5,600 miles travelled over the past 20 years, and is a virtual time-capsule of how it would have rolled out of the dealership at the start of the millennium.


The Civic coupe is in pristine condition, and is so untouched that it’s still fitted with the recalled Takata steering wheel airbag.

With 13 bids lodged thus far, and a little over two and a half days remaining on the lot – we wouldn’t be shocked if the final sale price blows out well above it’s current high bid.


As it stands, AU$40,000 would get you most of the way towards a brand new Civic Type R (former Nurburgring record holder), and we’re not sure how much long-term collectability these youngtimer Hondas will hold in the future. Although we’ve seen stranger things happen.

Check back in a few days once the auction closes, we’ll be sure to update with the final sales result!


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