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By: Alex Affat, Unique Cars magazine

CL Valiant Charger front side CL Valiant Charger front side
CL Valiant Charger side CL Valiant Charger side
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CL Valiant Charger engine CL Valiant Charger engine

Tough modified Charger: reportedly a ‘K16’ ex-NSW police car, 1 of 43

Amongst the expansive pantheon of Aussie classic collecting, ex-service cars seem to attract a large crowd of enthusiasts for their novel and unique provenance, former police and law enforcement cars in particular.

But beyond the popular ‘BT1’ Commodores and Pursuit Falcons, you don’t see many retired crime-fighting Aussie Valiants.

In regards to the CL Valiant of 1976 to 1978, the police pack special was denoted by code ‘K16’; based on the Charger XL and specified with the 318ci V8 and automatic gearbox from factory.


This CL Valiant is said to be an ex-NSW police car, of which they reckon is one of 43 of its kind.

 The seller states that the body is rust free, clean and tidy. They point out that it isn’t a ‘show car’ but is a tough and presentable street car currently on full WA registration.

Inside the cabin is said to be an E55 stainless steel dash, amidst original interior trim complimented by new carpets.


Under the bonnet is where most of the work seems to have gone on this old Valiant Charger.

The police pack’s factory 318 has been replaced with a ‘very spirited’ 360ci small-block with built head and forged internals. A 727 torqueflite sends the power to the back wheels via a 3.7 limited-slip differential; with a full suite of ancillary modifications to exhaust, fuel system and cooling.


There are too many parts specified in the listing to outline here, but the CL Valiant is said to be a genuine 11-second car with less than 500km on the current mechanical combo.

If you’re not too fussed in exacting originality, this CL Valiant comes to market as a ready-to-run tough street machine. Or, for the ambitious sort, it wouldn’t be impossible to restore to its police-pack roots.

The CL Valiant is based in Western Australian, and is listed for $65,000.

Check out the full listing here!


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