1965 Morris 1100 MkI – Today’s Tempter

By: Alex Affat, Unique Cars magazine

Morris 1100 Mk1 front side Morris 1100 Mk1 front side
Morris 1100 Mk1 rear side Morris 1100 Mk1 rear side
Morris 1100 Mk1 interior Morris 1100 Mk1 interior
Morris 1100 Mk1 floor Morris 1100 Mk1 floor
Morris 1100 Mk1 engine Morris 1100 Mk1 engine

Fantastic value classic: fully rebuilt, fastidiously maintained, enthusiast owned

While the Mini changed the world with cheeky styling and clever packaging, BMC quickly went hard at work in repackaging the transverse engine front-wheel drive mechanicals into a larger four-door version.

A wheel at each corner maximised in-cabin space and comfortably seated five. The 1098cc A-Series engine yielded only 37kW, low gearing still allowed for agreeable acceleration.

The 1100’s party-piece wasn’t its ingenious packaging however, but its innovative suspension system – the likes of which had never been seen on a British car.


The ‘hydrolastic’ suspension was inspired by Citroen’s famous pneumatic suspension, utilising an alcohol-based fluid system with interconnected displacer units. The result was the independent ability for each wheel to rebound and deflect on bumps and road surfaces with minimal upset to the body.

Australian-market Morris 1100s gained strengthened bodies, improved ventilation and dust seals to better cope with our harsh climate. And, best of all, a front bench seat allowing ample occupancy for six!


The Morris 1100 won Wheels’ Car of the Year in 1964, and sold more than 50,000 units within two years.

This 1965 MkI Morris 1100 (in four-speed manual guise) comes to market as what looks to be an incredibly valued-filled little classic!

The seller states that "over $10,000 has been spent" in comprehensively rebuilding the little Morris, and ensuring that it is "comfortable and bulletproof".


The 1100 has always been kept garaged and undercover, and the seller claims that they simply have too many projects on the go – and are in need of space.

Receipts are said to have been kept for everything, and photos document much of the works taken place.

There is a comprehensive list of components and works within the full listing. The Morris bears registration until November 2020, and comes with two workshop manuals and plenty of extras.


It’s a tremendously compelling package at a listed $6,800 (or nearest offer), given the extensive parts and labour in it.

The Morris 1100 is based in New South Wales, and you can check out the full listing here!


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