One-off Ford Country Squire with factory 428 V8 sold at auction

By: Alex Affat, Unique Cars magazine

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Country Squire Wagon 428 front side Country Squire Wagon 428 front side
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Big V8 wood-clad wagon with Lee Iacocca connections sells for AU$73,000

We all love fast wagons, and this 1967 Ford Country Squire – recently sold on the online auction site Bring-A-Trailer – would have been quite the family hauler back in its day.

Beneath the otherwise quaint patina and awkward American proportions – this humble wood-clad wagon represents the only example in existence factory-fitted with a 428ci V8 and four-speed manual.


The story goes that the original owner wanted his wagon a little hotter than most, and personally wrote to the famous Ford executive Lee Iacocca asking to have his Country Squire wagon specially built with the big Q-code 428ci V8 often found in Ford Thunderbirds.

Specified also with interior factory options including front bucket seats and centre console, this one-off wonder wagon makes for a tremendously unique and fun cruiser. Blending its unique specification, special factory order status, and Iacocaa connection; it represented keen buying, ultimately selling for US$47,750 after 64 bids. Or AU$72,700 in Aussie dollars.


The big FoMoCo V8 was rebuilt in 2001 by the car’s third owner, after which the seller – Tom Cotter host of The Barn Find Hunter show – purchased the vehicle in 2017.

Over the past few years, Cotter retrofitted various pieces of new technology to aid reliability and ease of use, this included: FiTech fuel-injection, Wilwood disc brakes, Flowmaster exhaust and rust repairs to the chassis and underside.


An accompanying Marti report indicates that this is the sole example delivered with this powertrain combination in 1967; and today could be described as an intentionally unrestored retromod.

The unrestored body and patina amassed over more than 50 years, combined with its thumping big heart and modern tech make the Country Squire wagon one characterful sleeper.


AU$72,700 may be a lot for an otherwise unremarkable late-60s mainstream Ford model, but it can be hard to value what is a tremendously unique vehicle with a unique story behind it. Regardless of value, this is certainly one cool wagon!


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