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By: Unique Cars magazine

nissan hot wheels model nissan hot wheels model

Inside this month's Unique Cars gearbox...

1. HotWheels Japanese classics

These cars take us back to our childhood and the excitement we felt when mum or dad gave us a Hotwheels for a special occasion or more often than not, simply for staying out of trouble. This set of Japanese classics includes the Nissan Skyline RS, Honda City Turbo, Nissan Silvia, Mazda Cosmo Sport and a Datto Sunny truck. There’s plenty of detail and colour. All are available from KMart and toy retailers for just $8 each.


2. Reproduction door mirrors - Falcon XA-XC

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While we have to stay indoors now is the perfect time to get on with those final jobs on your project or resto and tick a few more items off the to do list. If you have an XA, XB or XC Falcon and are in the market for reproduction door mirrors, the place to look is Rare Spares. They have both manually and remote operated types for both right and left doors, Getting your mits on them has never been easier and you don’t even have to leave home. Prices start at $150 each and you can order online at


3. Crayon to Cad - behind the scenes

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This book by Australian automotive design guru Paul Beranger is a must buy if you are keen on Australian car design post war. Crayon to CAD covers many topics by Beranger and a host of other designers that have put their mark on vehicles here and around the world. Crayon to CAD opens the doors to the secretive design studios and covers everything from past, present and future technologies. Even motorshow specials. Available for $99 through


4. Jaguar E-Type cuff linksR:\Web\WebTeam\Mary\Motoring\UC 439\gearbox\jaguar-cufflinks.jpg

For the man who has everything or is simply a Jaaaag nut. A pair of 1961 Series 1 E-Type Jaguar cufflinks cast from the pistons of an original 1961 Series 1 fixed head coupé.As you would imagine they are magnificently presented in a hinged mahogany faced box complete with data card, certificate of authenticity and display plaque. These very limited edition cufflinks are sure to ignite many compliments. Priced at $340 through


5. Narva L.E.D. globesR:\Web\WebTeam\Mary\Motoring\UC 439\gearbox\narva-lights.jpg

I Can See Clearly Now was the title of the 1972 number 1 hit of Johnny Nash and it applies equally to Narva and its vast range of bulbs for all automotive applications. So if you have an early Beetle with what seems candles for headlights and need replacements or you want to upgrade so you can see clearly, jump onto the Narva website and online store or visit your local auto repair shop or auto electrician. If you have the light Narva has the globe.



R:\Web\WebTeam\Mary\Motoring\UC 439\gearbox\golf-gti-tshirt.jpg

As you have probably gathered by the image on the page we are not talking about the small stick you balance a golfball on and then hit with a landscaping implement. We are talking about this cool-looking tee-shirt depicting the iconic Volkswagen Golf GTi, the car responsible for kicking off the whole hot hatch craze. This high-quality tee comes in a wide range of sizes and made of top quality cotton. Show the world your love of Golf, VW style. Priced at around $45 shipped and available through


From Unique Cars #439, May 2020

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