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By: Unique Cars magazine

holden ute model holden ute model
holden ute model holden ute model

Inside this month's Unique Cars gearbox


Classic Carlectables has released the first vehicle in its Holden heritage range, the EH utility. Fittingly, it is decked out in Nasco branding and perfectly mimics a parts delivery ute from back in the day. It features opening bonnet and doors, a detailed interior, including the rear venetian blind and a 149ci engine. This 1-18 scale die-cast model is an absolute must for any fan of the iron lion or Australian motoring history. At $269 it’s also the cheapest EH ute you’ll ever own.



2. Iron Lion Rug

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Heading to the beach, a picnic, a family outing or kids sports day (once social distancing restrictions are lifted)? This embroidered tartan blanket proudly displaying an old-school Holden logo is just the thing you need for all events. It’s a good size too, 200 x 90 cm, so there is room for everyone and being made of an acrylic fabric it can be plonked down on just about any surface without getting damaged. And when you have finished with it, fold it up and pop it back into its hanger package so it’s ready for next time. Limited numbers left at $20.



3. Henry Puffa

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So you are a fan of the Henry brand and want to keep warm and look stylish this winter? Here you go then. This cool looking grey jacket with a removable hood is part of the official Ford merchandise range and features embroidered chest panel and sleeves. Made of 100% polyester it is fully lined with taffeta and poly fill padding and has a touch of a retro look about it. It repels water, grease and oil. But you better get in fast with your $ 149.99 as there is only a limited stock available.



4. DIY Porsche

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For the budding motor mechanic, enthusiast or Porsche nut. A build-it-yourself scale model of Dr Ferdinand’s brilliant flat six engine that is the signature of the Porsche 911. And this isn’t a static model. Once assembled (if done correctly with no bits left over) you can watch this engine work through the transparent engine casing. It’ll be hours of fun to assemble and even more fun to show your mates how clever you are. It’s the cheapest Porsche engine you’ll ever own. $396.



5. Keyrings

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These smart looking quality leather keyrings are etched with the famous Tickford nameplates XR6 and XR8. A perfect compliment to pay homage to your wheels and a handy way to keep all your keys in the one place. Style has never been this cheap with the keyring costing just $20 and these are ideal as a gift for owners and lovers of the special Aussie cars created by Tickford. There’s a wide variety of other car brands as well.



6. Zed Car Bonnet

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Do you own a Datto of 240/260 or 280 Z persuasion that is need of a resto?  The team at All Muscle Car Parts have just released a range of brand-new reproduction bonnets for the famous Datsun Z cars. Authentic to the most minute detail, these bonnets can be ordered without the louvre cutouts. So save yourself a lot of time and effort and money trying to resto your old bonnet and bolt on one of these instead. They are $1250 and come ready for painting.  



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