1977 BMW E24 633CSi – Today’s Tempter

By: Alex Affat, Unique Cars magazine

E24 633 Tempter front side E24 633 Tempter front side
E24 633 Tempter rear side E24 633 Tempter rear side
E24 633 Tempter interior front E24 633 Tempter interior front
E24 633 Tempter karmann built E24 633 Tempter karmann built
E24 633 Tempter engine E24 633 Tempter engine

Said to be an early Karmann-built body: original Golf Yellow, auto

BMW’s E24-generation 6-series made its debut in 1988, as the spiritual successor to the gorgeous and much-loved E9 CS and CSL coupes of the mid-60s.

The Bavarian brand originally intended to add centimetres in height to the CS 3.0, but designer Bob Lutz remained steadfast and instead penned a low and long silhouetted car that eventually became the 6-series; and remains one of BMW’s greatest designs of the signature Sharknose era.

Very early cars were manufactured by Karmann before BMW moved production in-house. Those early Karmann-built cars can be identified by a sill plate in the door, and represent a neat bit of collectability within the E24 sphere.


Engine options increased throughout the E24’s lifecycle, eventually ranging from the smallest 2.8lt M3 straight-six, growing through 3.0lts, 3.2lts; and topping out at the 3.5lt version found in the 635 and M635.

Transmission options were originally either a four-speed manual or three-speed automatic, with a close-ratio five-speed introduced amidst a 1980 facelift, and a four-speed auto was later introduced as an option.


This first year 633CSi is specified with the 3.2 M30 straight-six backed by the early three-speed auto.

According to the seller, the car is one of those early Karmann-built cars and is said to be wearing its original coat of Golf Yellow paint and bearing an original interior.

It’s said to be a one-family car in excellent mechanical condition throughout with inspections welcome.


The car is accompanied by books and service receipts, as well as the BMW ‘Laufzettel’ or "Build Tag" to confirm original specification as delivered.

The seller will also provide a roadworthy certificate as well as 12 months rego upon sale.

If the car is as described; it could be a very handsome and enjoyable weekend cruiser. These youngtimer classics are gaining interest around the world, and in unusual specification and being an early Karmann-built car, this may be one to investigate.

The 633CSi is based in Queensland, and is listed for $30,000.

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