Volvo P1800E + 1967 Dune Buggy + Falcon XP Sedan - Auction Action 438

By: Mark Higgins

volvo p1800 volvo p1800

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1970 Volvo P1800E Coupe

Sold: $37,000

Best remembered as the car of television series The Saint, Volvo’s P1800 combines Italian bodywork with mechanicals from the 120 Amazon sedan. The P1800 was designed in 1959 and in production until 1973. This P1800E (E designates fuel injection) has factory sports alloys and Hella driving lights for a period look. It’s very original with bucket seats and door trims in black vinyl and carpets in mustard. Cue the theme song now.


1967 Meyers Manx Dune Buggy

Sold: A$740,000


Seven hundred and forty grand for a dune buggy! But this is no ordinary dune dweller. It's the actual custom-built buggy fettled and driven by Steve McQueen in The Thomas Crown Affair. It has a Meyers Manx fiberglass body with a custom interior, American Racing Wheels and in place of the 40 horsepower VW engine, at McQueen’s request, a Corvair engine belting out 230 neddies.

| Read more: Steve McQueen's buggy sold for US$456,000


1966 Ford Falcon XP Sedan

Sold: $11,000


The final of Ford’s original Australianised Falcons, the XP range was introduced in February 1965 with revised sheet metal and interiors. In very original condition this 1966 XP-model Ford Falcon Deluxe sedan was built the same year decimal currency arrived. The chance of finding an original example is rare.

Largely untouched, this metallic gold with a white roof car has the 170 Pursuit motor.


1984 Tiga SC84 Sports 2000

Sold: A$81,810
RM Sothebys


Built by an Australian and owned by Rock & Roll Hall of Famer John Oates of Hall & Oates fame. Tiga was established by Aussie Tim Schenken and Howden Ganley and over the years the brand had its greatest success in the Sports 2000 series, creating an affordable open-cockpit sports racer. Power is from a 2lt Pinto OHC engine mated to a VW-based Hewland Mk 9 gearbox. Ready to race or run as a track day car, I can go for that.


Auction watch - what's moving & shaking:

Holden Torana LH


While values of SL/R 5000 and L34s are well known, the more mundane Toranas have also crept up in price. Finding an original, unmolested one may be a challenge, but they are out there. Launched in March 1974 the LH was all-new and bigger than its LJ predecessor. It boasted four-, six- and eight-cylinder engines and filled the void between the Kingswood and Gemini. Four-cylinder versions are under 20 grand and for an SL/R with a six expect to pay between $25-$35k. A V8 is a lot more. Rust was a killer but mechanically they're pretty robust. Parts are plentiful so a fix-up or resto shouldn’t be too difficult.


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