1989 BMW E34 535i – Today’s Tempter

By: Alex Affat, Unique Cars magazine

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BMW E34 tempter front side BMW E34 tempter front side
BMW E34 tempter rear side BMW E34 tempter rear side
BMW E34 tempter front interior BMW E34 tempter front interior
BMW E34 tempter rear interior BMW E34 tempter rear interior

Cheap, useable, modern classic BMW: resprayed, M5 bodykit, new brakes and tyres

The third-generation of BMW’s perennial executive sedan, the E34 5-Series, launched in 1987 and lasted until 1996.

Often forgotten by collectors and casual enthusiasts in favour of the preceding and classic E28, and the younger critically acclaimed E39.

The E34 generation brought with it a number of developments: the first 5 series available with a V8; and the first inclusions of Stability Control, Taction Control and Electronic Damping Control in the lineage.


Engines were wildly varied across its production lifecycle, from 1.8lt four-cylinders available overseas, to 4.0lt V8s. The range-topping M5 (never sold new in Australia) utilised BMW’s lauded 3.6lt (later 3.8lt after 1991) inline-six.

It’s the hand-built factory hot-rodded M5 that demands the greatest collector interest around the world, with values quickly appreciating over recent years.

The rest of the mainstream range of capable touring saloons, however, remains extremely affordable for the most part.

This 1991 535i example, has 207,000kms on the chassis but has received a replacement motor from a larger 7 series (likely an equivalent-era E38 which shared many of the 5-series’ engines).


The car was resprayed a few years ago, with an M5 body kit fitted, and is described as ‘immaculate’ in regards to the exterior and paint work.

It has been treated to Bilstein shocks, lowered springs, new tyres, new brakes and new door seals; and will also come with some spare parts.

The car’s interior shows the most signs of age; with some wear noticeable on the steering wheel, and some significant wear and cracking of the soft leather seats. The dash however, looks clean and free of bubbles and cracking.

We infer from the listing description that the car will come with rego and a roadworthy. Overall, it’s a handsome and useable modern classic saloon with an affordable entry-price.

The 5-Series is based in Queensland and is listed for $4,500.

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