1974 Mercedes-Benz 280CE W115 – Today’s Tempter

By: Alex Affat, Unique Cars magazine

Mercedes 280CE front side Mercedes 280CE front side

A timeless classic Benz in very rare coupe-guise: presents well and runs and drives

The range of W114 and W115 vehicles were the first all-new Mercedes-Benzes produced after World War II. Designed and developed with an all-new chassis and introduced in 1968, the "new generation" models shared no components with any Mercedes-Benz before it.

With semi-trailing arms at the rear and a ball-joint front-end, the platform would be utilised in all Mercedes-Benz passenger cars until their multi-link rear end was debuted in the 80s.

For the earlier pre-facelift W114s, engine choices comprised of a 2.3lt, 2.5lt and 2.8lt inline-six.

In 1973, the WW15 was introduced denoting the generation’s mid-life update. It gained a lower bonnet line, lower and longer grille, single front bumper replacing the W114’s double-bumper; and added four-cylinder motors and one inline-five diesel donk.

Four-speed transmissions were the flavour of the day; had either in automated or manual versions across the range.


This was an extremely successful model for Mercedes-Benz; with over 1.9 million units produced over an eight-year lifespan.

Most of them however, were sedans - built in both short and long wheelbases. This one however, is a significantly rarer two-door coupe, of which just 67,000 were produced in total.

It presents in top-spec 280 specification, denoting the biggest 2.8lt inline-six.

There aren’t many photos, or info attached to the listing; although the seller states that the car "presents well" and runs and drives.

It looks to be all there and intact; and may suit a discerning Benz enthusiast or someone looking for dignified entry-level classic. These old Benzes are pretty simple things with a big enthusiast support base.

You can find this 280CE on sale in Victoria, and listed for $23,500.

Check out the full listing here!


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