Recaro unveils retro-inspired 'Classic Line' of seats

By: Alex Affat, Unique Cars magazine

Recaro Classic Line lineup Recaro Classic Line lineup

Retro is in fashion, and Recaro delivers with three new classically-inspired seats

Recaro, the famous automotive seating company, recently unveiled its new "Classic Line" of aftermarket seats, to cater and support the increasingly popular retro classics from the 70s, 80s and 90s.

Recaro have observed increasing market interest in young classics and old ‘youngtimers’ with their three new classically inspired seats blending retro aesthetics whilst updating them with modern design and manufacturing processes.

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They’ve redesigned and produced an updated version of their Recaro LX and Recaro LS seats which were initially released back in 1984; primarily focused on owners of the then-popular VW Beetle, early Golfs, BMW 3 series, Mercedes 190 and Audi Quattro.

They look right at home in classic European compacts and have been subtly redesigned with modern safety, ergonomics and comfort in mind.


The LS  (pictured above in corduroy/leather inside a VW Beetle) is the most comfort-oriented seat in the range, and has been sculpted to accommodate larger torsos (humans have increased in size over the past few decades it seems) than its original mid-80s design.

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The headrests have also been increased in size for improved rear-end crash safety, with bolster support and an adjustable backrest.


The LX (above) is our pick of the bunch, with the most retro design and offering a more sports-oriented driving solution whilst retaining all the classic aesthetic appeal. It also features a larger and more padded headrest, with increased side and base bolster support, and an adjustable back rest. 

The third seat in the lineup is the most modern and the most performance-based offering in the range; the Recaro Classic Pole Position (ABE).


The Recaro Pole Position is a modern fixed-back bucket seat with high bolstering around the hips and shoulders, with a sculpted deep-corn headrest with ample room for helmets, as well as ports for four-point harnesses.

The seat shell is constructed out of glass-fibre reinforced plastic and is gloriously pictured here shod in black leather with Houndstooth inserts inside the cabin of an old 911.

The Recaro Classic line was aided in development (and in its unveiling at Retro Classics in Stuttgart) by World Rally legend Walter Rohrl, whose endorsment graces each seat with an "Approved by Walter Rohrl" label.

Managing Director of Recaro Automotive Seating, Ulrich J. Severin stated: "We have been observing the market for classic cars intensively for some time now, have carried out our own market tests… and are increasingly receiving direct enquiries for suitable seats."


"This applies in particular to vehicles built 30 to 40 years ago, i.e both young classic cars and older youngtimers".

The three new seats from Recaro’s Classic Line are manufactured in Germany and are available in pepita fabric (houndstooth) and leather, classic corduroy and leather, classic checkered fabric and leather, and in full leather.

They will be available from Recaro Classic partners from July 2020, with prices ranging from 1,800 Euros (AU$3,000) to 2,100 Euros (AU$3,500). Contact your local Recaro distributor for pricing and availability.


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