Angelo's New-old-stock (NOS) top picks 437

By: Angelo Loupetis

cadillac mobile phone cadillac mobile phone

Angelo's petrol-head passion doesn't stop with classic cars - he's always on the lookout for cool memorabilia and accessories

GM Cadillac car/mobile phone

A car phone in your car was a sign that you were doing quite well for yourself back in the day. European manufacturers fitted mobile phones well into the early 2000s and Cadillac did its best to keep up and maintain its claim to be America's finest.

The best part about this phone is that it's made for GM in Canada and it's branded Cadillac!

COST US$50 plus shipping & GST


VOLMAC Folding VW Shifter


Got to love old school innovation. Here we have a folding VW gear shifter. Advertised 'For ease in entering or leaving your car from the curb side' or to aid in when you decide to convert your VW interior into a bed. Yes Volmac also sold a full reclining seat kit to allow a mattress to be placed over your seating for a good night's rest.

COST US$2599 plus shipping & GST (Ouch!)


"Australia's Own" Holden Clothing Patch


I could dig up thousands of collectable must-have Holden parts but this cloth patch caught my eye and says it all. "Australia's own Holden." Buy it and wear it with pride. What a sad end to a brand that I love.

COST $58 plus shipping


Oldsmobile  Mirror Thermometer


Before modern car dashes displayed the outside temperature, externally mounted mirror thermometers were popular accessories from 1970-1982, mainly on Lincolns and Cadillacs and even some Mopars.

They looked great and added some sophistication to your ride. I can thank my mate Neil for discovering this unusual find.

COST US$229 plus shipping & GST


Mercedes-Benz Accessory Braun Shaver


Fancy a shave on the way to work? Two German brands unite and offer this genuine Mercedes-Benz branded Braun portable shaver.

Presented in its original Mercedes-Benz box this is one accessory you are unlikely to see again!

COST US$220 pls shipping & GST


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