1979 Chrysler Valiant CM – Today’s Tempter

By: Alex Affat, Unique Cars magazine

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CM Valiant front side CM Valiant front side
CM Valiant rear side CM Valiant rear side
CM Valiant rear side low CM Valiant rear side low
CM Valiant interior CM Valiant interior
CM Valiant interior rear CM Valiant interior rear
CM Valiant engine CM Valiant engine

Factory Tiger Yellow CM Valiant with 245-six, auto, factory options

The CM Valiant holds a special place amongst local manufacturing history, as the last of the local Valiants, and Chrysler being the first of the big-three to collapse amidst an increasingly global local car market.

While the CM Valiant was the most polished iteration of its lineage, in its time, it fell short with buyers deep in the midst of the 70s oil crisis, and was a hard-sell as a full-size vehicle in the face of a market that was turning to smaller more fuel efficient cars. Chrysler’s own Mitsubishi-sourced Sigma massively outsold the big local Valiant.


Much of the preceding CL Valiant was carried over with only a new grille, taillights and badging. Most of the big changes happening under the bonnet; namely the Electronic Lean Burn system which was adapted to the ‘Hemi’ six engines, with the previously-mid-spec 245 motor now becoming the standard offering.


This 1979 CM Valiant presents in factory Tiger Yellow hue over Parchment interior. It features the standard 245 Hemi-six coupled to a three-speed auto and comes factory optioned with air-conditioning and cast alloy wheels.


The car shows 234,529kms on the odometer, and presents in great condition throughout.

It’s not clear in the listing as to what restoration work has been carried out, but we suspect it’s been treated to new paint and likely some interior refurbishment.


If you’re after a piece of locally-made metal, this big Valiant might be worth a look!

It’s based in New South Wales and is listed for $24,990.

Check out the full listing here!


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