Ford GT40 MkII + VW Beetle Type 1 + Ford Fairlane Thunderbolt - Auction Action 436

By: Mark Higgins

ford gt40 ford gt40

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1966 Superperformance Ford GT40 MKII

Sold A$700,000

Here's the Superformance GT40 that starred in the Ford v Ferrari movie with Christian Bale behind the wheel portraying Ken Miles. It was one of two cars used in the movie and featured the same livery Miles used at Le Mans in 1966. Adding to its provenance it has the signatures of Charlie Agapiou, Ken Miles’ crew chief in 1966 and Peter Miles, Ken’s son.


1953 Volkswagen Beetle Type 1

Sold: A$56,000
Barrett Jackson


This Volkswagen Beetle Type 1 with sliding ragtop was restored by Chris Vallone and is powered by the original matching-numbers 24hp 4-cylinder engine with 4-speed manual transmission. It received an outstanding restoration, and includes the complete build book and CD detailing the entire process, with the VW birth certificate to authenticate matching numbers.


1964 Ford Fairlane Thunderbolt

Sold: A$320,000
Barrett Jackson


One of 100. Ford produced the Thunderbolt K-code Fairlane 500 as a drag-racing special. The 427ci V8 driveline was a post-factory addition to the modified chassis. Ticking the K-code box also got you bigger brakes and a 9-inch differential. The bonnet and front guards were made of fiberglass and the interior was stripped down to the driver’s sun visor and lightweight Bostrum Thinline racing seats.


1970 Dodge Charger R/T 440 Six Pack

Passed in: A$269,000


If you've ever wanted to own half of a production run, here’s your chance. Dodge released a range of spring colours and built just two Chargers in the combo of Pink Panther and white in 1970. Known as a V-code Six Pack it sports a 440 V8 engine with a TorqueFlite auto hanging off the back. The Pink Panther has been part of the Wellborn Museum collection since 2004.


1967 Ford Mustang 'Eleanor'

Sold: A$1.23M


In June 2000 a remake of the legendary 1974 flick Gone In 60 Seconds made its screen debut, with an all-star cast including Nicolas Cage, Angelina Jolie, Robert Duvall and Will PattonIn. This is one of the 11 Cars built for the remake and it featured in many scenes from the Shipyard, City and River chase scenes. It has received a recent rotisserie restoration by Cinema Vehicle Services and has travelled 150km since.


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Holden Commodore VR SS


Holden Commodore VR SS Prices of VN and VP SS Commodores are gaining pace so there’s no reason why the VR SS that ran from July 1993 to April 1995 won't follow. The VR captured Wheels Car of the Year award and featured a sleeker design with rounded rather than the squared-off rear-wheel arches of its predecessor. Fitted with a 185kW five-litre V8 the SS used the Executive variant as its base. The VR SS is an affordable way of kicking off an Iron Lion collection without needing the big bucks HSV-badged cars demand. Expect to pay $10-25,000 but don’t expect to find one on every street corner. Few were made and fewer survive.


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