Final VF Commodores receive price spike in the wake of Holden’s demise

By: Alex Affat, Unique Cars magazine

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VFII price hike front side VFII price hike front side

Some ambitious late-model Commodore owners are seeking to cash in on Holden’s closure

Recent news regarding Holden’s demise has led to a number of lucrative late-model Commodore owners to jack up their asking prices on delivery-mileage examples.

Final Commodore Motorsport editions on the market have exceeded $100,000 asking prices in few cases, some with single and double digit odometers, with ambitious owners seeking to cash in in the short-term fallout of GM’s axing of the brand.


VF II Motorsport Editions were sold in the lead up to the Elizabeth plant closure in 2017, sold new for $61,790 + on-roads.


One seller is asking a whopping $120,000, with no photos and a listed odometer reading of 4,700.

A white example with delivery-kilometres (11kms) is similarly listed for $99,000.

We’ve also seen various other reports of sky-rocketing classics, but we’ve yet to see any reliable market movements in regards to actual selling prices.

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Similar short-term price hikes were seen in the wake of Holden’s factory closure in 2017, however such speculative sellers will likely sit on the market for a while to come.

More realistic asking prices for final-series VF II Motorsport Editions are asking approximately $60,000 with four-digit odometer readings; on offer for under original list price and retail.

Despite Holden’s collapse, VFs haven’t been produced for years anyhow; so we don’t predict any increased rates of attrition leading to decreased supply and subsequent price increases.


If you are looking to stash away one of the last VF II Motorsport Editions, there’s one on our classifieds with a more-than-reasonable 32,123kms and asking $54,990 (or nearest offer).

There’s something you can enjoy occasionally, but certainly something worth holding onto well after our beloved Lion is gone.


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