Lamborghini Miura + Arrows A21 + XC Falcon 'Redback' - Auction Action 434

By: Mark Higgins

lamborghini miura lamborghini miura

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1969 Lamborghini Miura P400 S

Sold: $2.32M
RM Sotheby's

For most of us our first sighting of a Lamborghini Miura was on the silver screen in the opening scene of The Italian Job. It's arguably the marque's most significant car. Only two owners have enjoyed this Miura, the second one since 1974. The car has its original engine and still sports its Giallo Flay paintwork, and Skay Bleu interior. It's a find as rare as the car itself. 


2000 Arrows A21

Sold: $133,000
RM Sotheby's


When he wasn’t fettling Commodores Tom Walkinshaw became one of the Arrows F1 team's many owners over time. It was never a successful team and this car was driven to a stellar 16th place in the 2000 Belgian Grand Prix by Pedro de la Rosa. Still, turn up at a track day with it and you’ll put the frighteners into your competitors. Now with an F3000 engine in its rear, the acceleration will still pop your innards into your back pocket.


1978 Ford XC Falcon GS Rally Pack 'Redback'

Sold: $36,000


The XC Falcon based GS Rally Pack ‘Redback’ was the brainchild of NSW Ford dealer Peter Warren. Twelve were made of which two were V8s, with this being the sole survivor. Kept by its original owner for 35 years, its blurb mentions it underwent a bare-metal body resto in 2004 and has travelled 346,000 kms according to the clock.


1970 Meyers Manx

Sold: $65,000
RM Sothebys

meyers manx.jpg

Hands up those who had a Beetle and desired to transform it into a beach buggy. Bruce Meyers and his Manx buggy were primarily responsible for the whole phenomenon. It was a simple recipe, take one VW Beetle, fling its body and replace it with an open-top fiberglass body, add two seats and lower it back onto the shortened donor Beetle platform.


One to watch:

Mazda RX-8


Prices of the Mazda RX-7 have increased considearbly in recent times and there is nothing to suggest the RX-8 won’t follow in its slipstream. Introduced in 2003, it was instantly recognisable by its four seats and suicide doors. Sister publication Wheels awarded it Car of The Year in 2003. Performance with a manual gearbox was good but less so with an auto as the the rotary powerplant thrives on revs. Untampered examples aren't hard to find. There are plenty of rotary specialists to call for advice, so do it. A Series 1 RX-8 can be found from as little as $4000 up to $35,000.


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