Angelo's New-old-stock (NOS) Top Picks 434

By: Angelo Loupetis

plymouth dealer album plymouth dealer album

Angelo's petrol-head passion doesn't stop with classic cars - he's always on the lookout for cool memorabilia and accessories

1966 Plymouth Dealer Album

With vintage dealership memorabilia so hard to come by, I love this Plymouth-dealer pocket album that appears to still be in amazing condition. This album contains the entire 1966 Plymouth lineup of colour swatches and upholstery samples. The dealer had everything they needed to make the next sale in this neat little package. If only it could talk – can you image the sales pitches of the 60s?

COST $240 plus shipping & GST


FOMOCO StudioSonic Sound-System Reverb Kit


Before subwoofers and tweeters became audio bragging rights, a reverb unit was the ultimate in 60s audio options. It's essentially a spring that vibrates and adds an orchestrated sound to your audio experience, something which is well known in a guitarist's world. I will admit it that I own one of these awaiting installation.

COST $380 plus shipping & GST


Holden nasco number plate frames


When it comes to Nasco bling or any bling for a chrome-bumper car, nothing complements your ride like a set of genuine numberplate frames. These would look great on your early Holden or place them in your boot for that as delivered look!

COST $343 delivered


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