1971 Ford Falcon XY 4x4 – Today’s Tempter

By: Alex Affat, Unique Cars magazine

XY 4x4 front side low XY 4x4 front side low
XY 4x4 front side XY 4x4 front side
XY 4x4 rear bed XY 4x4 rear bed
XY 4x4 interior XY 4x4 interior
XY 4x4 engine XY 4x4 engine

Rare one-of-432 produced XY 4x4s: new paint, new chrome and rebuilt running gear

The XY 4x4 was a small run of converted utes sold in 1972, though development started years before and faced various setbacks, which Rob Blackbourn outlined in a fantastic column last year.

The XY 4x4s were converted and assembled, largely by hand, at Ford’s Brisbane Assembly Plant, which were also responsible for low-volume builds of right-hand drive F-trucks.


The 4x4 copped beefier subframes, rear undercarriage and various cab reinforcements; as well as heavy duty axles and clutch. All 432 4x4s produced were delivered with 250ci straight-sixes and a three-speed BorgWarner manual transmission.

They remained a bit of an oddity within XY collecting and in decades past, you’d commonly find them rotting under a tree in someone’s paddock. They’ve surged in popularity in recent years, and his one looks like it’s lived a more pampered life than most.


This XY 4x4 on sale has undergone a fairly involved restoration with new paint and new chrome all over with its 250ci and three-speed manual also being treated to a rebuild.

A few convenient departures from factory have been added, including leather interior reupholstery, air conditioning, power steering and front disc brakes. Welcome upgrades in making this unique off-roader that much more useable.


The XY fourbie looks to be in very condition throughout, and is on sale in Queensland – listed for $49,500.

Check out the full listing here!


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