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Mag Preview 434 cover Mag Preview 434 cover

Stunning home-made Monaro, a fantastic FoMoCo shed tour + MORE!

When you imagine performing a full-on bare metal resto, you probably imagine a big workshop filled to the gills with every tool you can think of, and even perhaps a team of highly trained individuals.

Queenslander Mike Casey tackled his 253 Monaro a little differently, performing the entire resto at home and utilising more than a little ingenuity and some left-of-field tools; such as the family barbeque, and the hills hoist clothes line in the back yard.


It’s a hell of a story, and a hell of a job – and that’s why we picked his immaculate Monaro as our cover feature this month. It also kicks off our annual Readers’ Resto of the Year competition!

Head over to the competition at the link above, and vote for your favourite restoration we featured in 2019! Submit your vote, and you could take home a $500 Visa gift card!


Further back, we follow Guido and Art-guy Angelo on their annual road trip, this time taking Guido’s semi recently-purchased Lexus Soarer up to a car show at Wakefield with plenty of adventures in between. No keys were locked in the boot this time, but Angelo may have been in the passenger seat of a car as it drove into a lake… Trust us, it’s not as bad as it sounds!


On their travels, they stopped in to visit the amazing private FoMoCo collection belonging to Brian Tomkins of New South Wales. It’s a shed for Ford fans to drool over with some unbelievable pieces.

We also drop in to the MG Nationals 2019, for a walk around and a chat to some owners.


And Uncle Phil, our resident wheeler-and-dealer convinces Guido to buy (yet another) car sight unseen!

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