1999 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI – Today’s Tempter

By: Alex Affat, Unique Cars magazine

Evo 6 Evo 6

Modern classic rally rocket represents the height of the WRC showroom wars

The late-90s saw the height of WRC-born road racers; where Japanese manufacturers’ battles on the world rally stage spilled into the showrooms.

Australia’s grey-market import industry gained us access to many of the greatest models of the period; especially in Mitsubishi’s case, who only officially started selling the Lancer Evolution in 2005.

The Evolution VI of 1999 was one of the more incremental progressions in the lineage, but also remains one of the most celebrated.


Changes from the preceding Evo V were largely mechanical; with its 4G63T inline-four engine receiving a larger intercooler, bigger oil cooler, different pistons, and a titanium-aluminide turbine wheel in the turbo housing (a production car first!). The factory claimed 206kW output were transferred to all four paws by way of a five-speed manual gearbox.

Visually, the car’s distinctive fog lights were downsized and moved further outboard.

This white Evo VI appears to be a neat and well-kept package. The owner states that it’s been well cared for inside and out, and is mechanically in good running condition.


It visually appears very original but does bear a host of upgraded parts. The sale will, however, include original items.

The Evo has been serviced every 5,000ks and currently shows 140,000kms on the odometer.

It’s based in South Australia and is listed for $22,000.

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