Restored HQ Kingswood - today's tempter

By: Guy Allen, Unique Cars magazine

kingswood HQ 1911 This Holden HQ Kingswood has already undergone a restoration. kingswood HQ 1911

Fancy the idea of a car that's already been done?

Holden's HQ in 1971 launched a series of variants which were produced in staggering numbers for a local car - some 250,000 vehicles.

Their popularity means that a fair number survive today and there is a big industry surrounding rerstoration and rebuild components.

However as anyone who has tackled a resto can tell you, it nearly always costs more than you expect and it's always a huge undertaking. So it's not for everyone.

If the idea of tackling that job fills you with horror, this car might be the solution.

Also, our experience says it's nearly always cheaper (not to mention easier!) to buy a car that's already done.

Which is a round-about way of introducing this example, a 1972 HQ Kingsood located in Queensland.

The owner says it's running new paint, chrome and a rebuilt 202 engine. Unfortunately it's unclear which transmission is in the car.

It's priced at $32,500.

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