Porsche 911 Carrera 3.0 - today's tempter

By: Guy Allen, Unique Cars magazine

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Classic shape with good history

In the world of air-cooled 911 Porsches, the Carrera 3.0 is comparitively rare and was produced in relatively small numbers (2564 coupes and 1123 targas) over 1975-77. 

The powerplant was effectively a non-turbo version of the monster 930 engine with some significant mods including a boost to its compression ratio. It claimed a little less power than its predecessor (the 2.7 RS) but a better torque delivery that chimed in earlier. 

That meant the comparitively modest 200 horses delivered well in a straight line and outperformed the 2.7.

This example is said to be a locally delivered 1976 model, with a long history of work done to it, including a recent top-end rebuild and a switch from Sportmatic to manual transmission at some stage in its history.

Its 930-inspired whale tail wasn't always part of the factory spec, but very much fits the period  and could be ordered as part of a Sports Pack - there was a time when it seemed to be a 'must have' for Porsche owners.

The Healey Factory in Melbourne has this tidy-looking example on offer at $130,000.

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