Mercedes-Benz Grosser - today's dictator tempter

By: Guy Allen, Unique Cars magazine

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Giant Benz always makes an impression

If you want to make an 'entrance'when you arrive at a car event, there's no better way to guarantee that than a Mercedes-Benz 600 'Grosser'.

It and the stretched Pullman version were widely quipped about as being the most popular vehicle among the world's dictators, and there was some truth to that.

Dictators aside, they are a spectacular vehicle and have long been a serious collectible.

Built from the ground up as a limousine, the Benz runs the factory's 6.3 litre V8 matched to a four-speed auto. They were fairly quick, despite their size.

An hydraulic system controls numerous features, while a pneumatric self-levelling system does suspension.

Not surprisingly, they can be alarmingly expensive to restore, so finding a solid one is by far the most sensible financial decision.

We came across this 1971 W100 at Undercover Cars in Brisbane.

It's in very solid shape, thanks in part to a previous owner taking a 'just fix it' attitude to ownership which, long term, is always the best approach with a car like this.

Something that really got our attention was the host of original accessories that came with the car, such as a set of Benz shot glasses, plus a period Sony portable TV.

That's the sort of gear you just can't find any more.

The car is for sale at $250,000 and Undercover Cars can be reached on (07) 3823 1483.

Benz 600 Pullman profile

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