Jaguar XJ12 Series II - today's V12 tempter

By: Guy Allen, Unique Cars mag

1977 jaguar xj12 series ii 1911 Jaguar XJ12 Series II 1977 jaguar xj12 series ii 1911

Brit performance four-door

If you were cashed up and living in the seventies, and were the sort of car nut who had to have a big fast Brit four-door bomber, a Jaguar XJ12 would have fitted the bill very nicely.

Available from 1972, the long and elegant saloons, which were far more numerous in XJ6 form, had a development of the V12 powerplant made famous in the E-type fitted in the snout.

It was snug, and the engineers involved worked overtime to overcome potential overheating issues.

What you ended up with was one very fast car for its day, with a top speed of around 225km/h and a decent turn of acceleration.

These XJs also had a reputation for having an exceptional ride, while managing pretty impressive handling.

As we mentioned, the 5.3lt V12 by now had undergone a great deal of development and was matched to a Borg Warner automatic transmission. A similar package ended up in the XJS coupe.

This is one of those cars that could be a very expensive restoration proposition, and probably difficult to justify when you look at how they are arguably undervalued in the market. Which is a round-about way of saying that, if you're going down this path, make sure you get a good one.

That's what this 1977 XJ12 appears to be, assuming the seller's description is correct. It appears to have a documented history and the photos give the impression this may be as good an example as you'll find.

It's for sale in NSW and priced at $16,500.

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