Holden Monaro 2004 - today's Aussie tempter

By: Guy Allen, Unique Cars magazine

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Monaro cv8 1911 Holden Monaro 2004 Monaro cv8 1911

Last of the local coupes

It was a breath of fresh air when Holden finally unveiled the new-generation Monaro and managed to run it as a production coupe from 2001 to 2006.

While many of us lament it didn't last longer and undergo the sort of refinement we saw in the last of the Commodores - such as the spectacular Red Back series - it was a whole lot better than nothing, and for a while generated a few export sales under the Pontiac banner.

The engineering of these cars was relatively conventional and well-proven, so there should be very little in the way of nasty surprises for owners.

And we would definitely back the series as future collectible. In fact, two of our staffers own one.

The vast majority of these cars are V8s and this example is a 2004 based in Queensland.

Its owner says the stock bonnet is available, while it currently has a GTO version fitted.

Price is $35,000.

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