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By: Guy Allen, Unique Cars magazine

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ford falcon XR8 Tickford 1911 2001 Ford Falcon Tickford AUII XR8 ford falcon XR8 Tickford 1911

Tickford cars were the pick of the range

Ford's release of the AU series back in 1998 had more than its fair share of wobbles, thanks to a combination of awkward styling and a series of technical shortcomings. Despite (or because of) that, they have developed a cult following over recent years.

However if you were looking for something that was a great drive, an AUII-based Tickford car is a pretty good way to go.

The distinctive quad headlamp nose made them instantly recognisable, while the by now well-established independent rear suspension settled down the handling very nicely.

This 2001 example is an auto and it would be interesting to know where it falls in the production cycle. The 5.0lt Windsor V8 saw its claimed power lifted from 200kW to 215 from March. In either case the performance will be more than adequate.

The car claims to be largely in good original condition, with the some Herrod performance upgrades.

We'd back a good one of these as being a future collectible that doesn't have to cost a fortune to buy and own.

This one is on the market at $15,000 and is based in Vic.

See our Tickford buyer guide from the archives. (Note the prices will have chamnged substantially since it was first publsihed.)

See our 2018-19 market review.

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