Ford Escort Restomod - Today's Tempter

By: Guy Allen, Unique Cars magazine

escort green 1911 This 1972 Escort restomod is running 2.0lt Duratec engine escort green 1911

Wild spec but in the spirit of the original

For some the idea of throwing out the original running gear and starting again on an old classic like an early Escort will seem like heresy.

However sometimes you can't help but admire the thinling that goes into such projects.

This Victoria-based 1972 car is, when you look at the basic spec, very much in the spirit of the original, but is running extensive updates.

Starting at the snout, it's running a 2.0lt Duratec motor which the owner says is feeding through quad throttle bodies. That's tied to a six-speed manual transmission - though the source isn't mentioned.

Unfortunatley the pics don't include an engine bay shot. However what we can see includes updated interior with 'Mexico'-branded guages and an extensive refit, including what appears to be a large modern fuel tank and rear battery box.

It's an interesting-looking car, which the seller says has engineering approval, and is on the market for $47,000.

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