Chrysler Valiant Pacer 1970 - today's Mopar tempter

By: Guy Allen, Unique Cars magazine

chrysler valiant pacer 1970 1911 Chrysler Valiant Pacer 1970 chrysler valiant pacer 1970 1911

Hero car tribute

Valiant Pacers are one of those cars that have earned a fanatical following over the years, with most owners seeming to have one in use and another project car on the go.

They're a colourful alternative to the equivalent Fords and Holdens, showing some different thinking under the paint.

Of course the series made its reputation on big straight six powerplants, the fans of which fiercely defend as being more than competitive with the rival makers' V8s.

Chrysler famously developed these cars on a shoestring budget in an effort to get a slice of the then burgeoining youth market.

While Valiants as a whole had a solid reputation, the addition of wild colour choices (such as the Hot Mustard on this example), a few stripes and the promise of sharper performance turned a lot of heads in the showroom.

This example is a replica, running a 245ci six, four-speed manual transmission and limited-slip diff.

The owner claims its a good solid cruiser and it's on the market at $32,000.

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VF Pacer buyer guide

VG Pacer buyer guide

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