Aussie Ford Escort MkII RS2000 - today's hotted-up tempter

By: Guy Allen, Unique Cars magazine

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escort healey factory 1911 Ford Escort MkII RS2000 escort healey factory 1911

Local 4-door with lots of upgrades

It's one of those weird anomilies in the car world, where Ford Australia was producing Escort MkII RS2000s, like a lot of corporate offshoots, but was the only one to crank out a four-door version.

Among Escort owners - most of whom seem to own more than one Esky - these things are highly prized.

The difference with this 1980 car is the 2.0lt Pinto is a shadow of its former self, having undergone a comprehensive list of upgrades to wring more power out of it.

Behind that is a T9 five-speed transmission out of a Sierra plus a limited-slip diff.

Front brakes have also been upgraded with later Volvo and Ford gear, while the owner seems to have paid a fair of attention to the suspension.

All up, it comes across as a comprehensive restomod that retains much of the spirit of the original.

This one is with The Healey Factory and is priced at $26,000.

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