Angelo's new-old-stock (NOS) top picks 433

By: Angelo Loupetis

rol o tint rol o tint

Angelo's petrol-head passion doesn't stop with classic cars - he's always on the lookout for cool memorabilia and accessories


NOS ROl-O-TINT sun shields

Does sun glare cause you discomfort when driving? Why don't you get yourself a pair of "Rol-O-Tint" sunshields. They are essentially a rollup translucent orange sun blind that mounts inside your windscreen. Pull them down as required! The metal housings are even finished in a stunning crackle finish. COST $510 plus shipping & GST


Flame-out vacuum powered ash tray


When ashtrays were a standard feature in your car nothing was more luxurious than installing a vacuum ash tray. It sucks your cigarette ash into the huge glass jar installed under your dash plumbed via a vacuum line to your intake manifold. No more mess in your glamorous interior! The flameout was offered by GM as an optional accessory and it is now being reproduced. COST $950 reproduction or $2190 NOS plus shipping & GST


Paluxette auto espresso maker


Would you like to prepare your coffee whilst driving to your next cars and coffee event? This dash mountable Auto Espresso maker is guaranteed to strike a few conversations. Made in West Germany, this baffling piece will have everyone staring in envy. COST $290 plus shipping & GST


VN HSV SS Group A Owners Customer Preview Video


So you finally got hold of your dream car, a VN SS Group A, congraulations, but do you own the official Holden customer preview video? This VHS tape is sure to be the best bragging rights you can buy. Still in the original Holden postage box and VHS hard case, this is surely a rare find. Time to dust off the VHS player and get educated. COST $2023.50 delivered



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