Datsun 240Z – Today’s Tempter

By: Alex Affat, Unique Cars magazine

datsun 240z front datsun 240z front

Race ready: extensively modified with fresh triple-weber 2.8lt, engineered and full rego

Back in the 70s in Australia – if you couldn’t manage to fork out the money for one of the ‘Big three’ brutes, but wanted a genuine 125mph capable car – the Datsun 240Z is likely what you ended up with.

But it wasn’t a begrudging last-option for most – at $4567, it could out sprint the much-dearer TR6s, Alfa 1600s and Capri V6s on the road. Couple in its gorgeous styling and reliability, you can see why by 1972, the 240Z had become the world’s fastest selling sports coupe.


Today, they’re a bonafide classic buy, with numerous records being reset at auction over the past 12 months.

This 240z however, isn’t an original car and likely won’t appeal to privy collectors.


It is however, a serious machine with lots of work in it; ready to race at the turn of a key!

The factory correct 2.4lt inline-six has been bored out to 2.8lts, breathing through triple weber carburettors.

The body has been welded and bears a full roll cage and a semi-stripped interior.


Overall, it’s well presented and looks like a seriously capable bit of kit. The red paint with bonnet blackout is very reminiscent of Datsun’s ‘Rallye Monte Carlo’ 240z that finished third at the 1972 event.

If you’re looking for a capable competition car to tackle targa or other tarmac rally events – here’s a good looking turn-key package for you! It's been fully engineered and is currently fully registered.


The 240z is based in New South Wales and is listed for $49,000 (or nearest offer).

Check out the full listing here!


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