1985 Nissan Exa Turbo – Today’s Project Tempter

By: Alex Affat, Unique Cars magazine

Nissan Exa Turbo Nissan Exa Turbo

Rare Nissan compact requires an engine rebuild, but we reckon it’s worth saving!

Here’s another 80s oddity that’s seemingly fallen off the face of the earth: the Nissan Exa!

It was sold as a fully-imported model through Nissan Australia from 1983, with a spritely turbocharged 1.5lt (E15ET) engine.

The Exa was based on the Pulsar of the period, and was well-received in an Australian car market recovering from the performance-choking anti-emissions legislation of the mid to late 70s. This thing was quick (for the time)!

It was also cheaper than the more established Turbo Saabs and Starions; and – at $11,950 – was just $1200 more than the non-turbo Cordia (with the Cordia Turbo yet to arrive).

This 1985 Exa Limited Edition is an unfinished project that’s had a fair bit of work carried out, with a prior restoration taking place in 2007. It’s got new paint, new moulds to complement its factory front and rear spoilers and very 80s graphics!

To get it back on the road however; the car unfortunately is not running and requires a full engine rebuild. The seller also states that the three locks are broken as the car was broken into some time in the past.

It looks mostly complete and the body, with prior work, looks straight and solid. Unfortunately there’s only one photo, but if it’s got that awesome blue ‘turbo’ interior – that’d be icing on the cake!

If you have the means to rebuild the engine, and source some 80s Nissan door locks, you could be on to a seriously eye-catching and crowd-pleasing Japanese oddball classic!

You’ll need a towie or a trailer to pick the car up here in Melbourne, but it’s listed for a very reasonable (and negotiable) $2,000!

In need of a project? Check out the full listing here!


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