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By: Phil Walker

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Uncle Phil's top picks from the TradeUniqueCars classifieds...


1971 Holden Torana LC coupe


Ever since the GTR XU-1 was hatched in 1970, blokes with a lack of coin but a desire to own the real thing have been attacking the two-door S models and turning them into clones or tributes as they’ve come to be known. So to find one that hasn’t been tampered with these days is a bit rare. This orange two-door S, with a six-pack under its long bonnet and three gears on its tree deserves to be restored to its original spec. Being a 1971 car it was built near the end of the LC model run and all the ingredients seem to be in order to make a brilliant project of returning it to its former glory, just as it was when it rolled off one of the General’s Australian production lines. They don’t come up often and don’t come up as complete. The odo shows 34,567 miles and it comes with a workshop manual to help you put it back together.

- See the Torana LC ad here


1985 Mitsubishi Cordia GRS



Often overlooked for the Starion, make no mistake, the 3-door, 4-cylinder, 5-speed manual Cordia turbo was no slouch. It may not have won any beauty contests but it does pack a punch. I recall them being driven at insane speeds at the inaugural Adelaide Grand Prix in 1985 by a bunch of race drivers who inflicted all kind of punishment on them. Front drive gave them a good dose of torque steer and they were a pinup car of the 80s for many young blokes.

According to the ad it has 18,305 kms and comes with genuine logbook history direct from Mitsubishi.

- See the Mitsubishi Cordia ad here


2001 Ford Falcon AU II XR8 Tickford



Quick question. What muscle car can you stick in your shed for a mere fifteen grand that offers plenty of mumbo and is a potential future classic to boot?

The AU II XR8 Tickford more than fits the brief. It amazes me how little you can pick up one of these things for but don’t expect things to stay like that forever. This one had engine wizard Rob Herrod fettle it when new, adding more urge to a potent package. Looking at it, this one seems to be in good condition and for collectability it looks quite original.

- See the Falcon AU XR8 ad here


1953 Pontiac Chieftain



Australian delivered right hand drive. Look closely and you can see more than a resemblance to the FJ Holden, especially around the grille. Given they are both children of the General that shouldn’t be a great surprise. The Chieftain was a step ahead of many of its competitors with a 239ci side valve straight six and three-speed manual gearbox. The ad states it has undergone a complete three-year restoration with every nut and bolt on the car restored or replaced. All panels, floor and frame have been rustproofed according to the blurb and the seats have been reupholstered.

- See the Pontiac Chieftain ad here


1984 Holden WB Statesman DeVille



When he was swept into power in 1983 Prime Minister Bob Hawke ordered a Holden Caprice as his official car. The Deville was its more affordable cousin with less trinkets and back in the day was a common sight outside swanky restaurants and in corporate HQ carparks. With the end of Aussie made cars the Deville is becoming a much-loved and sought after piece of motoring history. A big car for a big country was what the Statesman was sold on and inside it’s roomier than some modern houses. Don’t be confused by the Caprice Wheels, this is a Deville.

- See the Holden WB Statesman ad here


Morris 850



Celebrating its 60th birthday this year is the game-changing Morris 850. I have a soft spot for the Mini, especially the Cooper S, which the NSW plod used as pursuit cars. When you see one on the road they look so tiny and fragile you want them to be granted access to bicycle lanes so they don’t get squashed. This cherry red basic 850 has, according to the ad, been lovingly and fully restored with its spartan interior retrimmed in original colour and styling. The brightwork has been given a good spit and polish and its motor has been re-conditioned by a Mini specialist.

- See the Morris 850 ad here



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