Handbrake lock + VW fuel carrier + Fuchs wheel centres - New Old Stock Gems 431

By: Angelo Loupetis

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Angelo's petrol-head passion doesn't stop with classic cars - he's always on the lookout for cool NOS memorabilia and accessories

Hettel combination handbrake lock

At a recent car show in the ACT I came across a HDT VK Group A with an interesting security device, a combination handbrake lock! With some persistent hunting I found them online, on offer in Poland. A cool gadget to complement your old clublock and to deter those thieves with state-of-the-art 80s tech. COST $37 plus shipping but you need a translator! archiwum.allegro.pl


Volkswagen 5L fuel carrier


We all know a VW fanatic and this fuel carrier would definitely put a smile on their face. Moulded in perfect 60s tones this would be a great addition to a Veedub roof rack full of period goodies. COST $150 plus shipping & GST ebay.to/2KZYH2N


Porsche 911 912 930 944 Fuchs Wheel centres


My daily drive has ejected a few original wheel centres over the years, to my frustration, but if I had a set of orginal Fuchs wheels on my Porsche I definitely would be stashing this pair in the glove box for a rainy day. Even if, like me, you don't own a Porsche this would be a great  souvenir for all the Porsche fans out there!

COST $150 plus shipping & GST ebay.to/2NE1xfu


GM Autronic eye complete kit


I love hearing what gadgets new cars have but nothing beats the innovation of the Autronic eye or self-dipping headlight system offered by GM in the early 50s. This amazingly dipped your headlights from high beam to low beam when an oncoming vehicle was detected via the dash mounted 'eye' that resembled a gun sight. It then automatically switched back to high beam!

Offered here is a complete brand new system to suit the 1953-54 GM range of cars. Plug in and play!

COST $1040 plus shipping & GST ebay.to/2zu844a



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