New record! 1997 Honda sells for AU$121,000 in the US

By: Alex Affat, Unique Cars magazine

DC2 Integra record front DC2 Integra record front
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A new record set, almost a year on to the day, for Honda’s hi-po Type R Integra

Last year, almost to the day, we reported on a ceiling-shattering sale of a Honda Integra DC2 Type R, to the tune of AU$90,000.

It was a staggering amount of money paid for an otherwise catalogue offering from Honda’s golden era of front-drive sports cars.

Yet, just days ago that sale was bested on the US online auction site, Bring-A-Trailer; when a one-owner, 6,190-mile (9,962km), Championship White 1997 Acura Integra Type R sold for a staggering AU$121,409 (US$88,000).


Beyond the stupendously low odometer, the car retains its original factory window sticker, maintenance records and owner’s manual; and has been treated to a light recommissioning with a new timing belt, tensioner and water pump fitted in July 2019.


It represents one of just 320 US-delivered Integra Type Rs for the 1997 model year, and will likely be the peak price paid for the foreseeable future – unless an equally undriven example surfaces in the near future, that is.

The DC2-generation Type R Integra remains an icon of the younger Playstation generation, and was a formidable giant-killing road racer of the late 90s.


It’s heralded as one of the best front-drivers in modern history and finding a good one these days is incredibly rare thanks to years of use and abuse as bargain performance cars, and questionable modifications at the hands of ambitious young enthusiasts.

That may explain the price rises we’ve seen in many of the Japanese-sector’s most desired sports cars, but this outlying price is a certainly shock to the Japanese collectible market.

With a superbly balanced chassis, the high-revving 1.8lt B18 four-cylinder sent 150kW through a close-ratio five-speed manual gearbox, and helical limited-slip differential, to the front-wheels; a package subsequently lauded by motoring journalists globally upon the car’s release.


Australia is considered the one of the "lucky countries" in regards historical access to some of Japan’s most desired high-performance sports cars. The US however, is not and subsequently acts as ground-zero for many of these head-scratching sales.

While this particular example is a virtual unicorn - it’s not uncommon for top-end sales to drag up values across the board.


There’s only a couple of DC2 Integras on the market in Australia right now, with mileage nearing 200,000kms and prices sitting around the mid-teens. You’d want to take a focused look at the car’s maintenance history and carefully consider any aftermarket modifications.

These cars are famous for revving past 8500rpm and it would be a bit naïve to think that the tacho needle hasn’t spent much time up there over the car’s life…


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