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By: Phil Walker

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Uncle Phil's top picks from the TradeUniqueCars classifieds...

1977 Holden Torana LX


We’ve all got a ‘one that got away’ story, but not many can say they bought their ride from a museum. Especially the Holden museum in Echuca where it has resided for the past decade. Hence its very clean and tidy appearance. This timewarp special looks at a glance to be on of the uber-performance models, but it isn’t. In fact it is a Torana, sporting the General’s small 253ci V8 bolted to a four-speed M20 gearbox and with matching numbers. Painted in iconic Absinth Yellow it still has its original trim down to the radio cassette player. This LX has only claims 106,000km since it rolled out of the Holden factory in 1977 and has original log books, owner’s manual and dealer folder and the hotwires make it look very similar to Brocky’s 1975 Bathurst winner.

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1970 MG Midget



Pommy cars built in the seventies can be a bit of a hit and miss affair. It wasn’t their best decade for harmonious relations between management and workers. The MG Midget isn’t especially fast, they do generate a fair degree of road noise, the rag tops weren’t much chop at keeping the elements out and their electrics had a reputation for recalcitrant behaviour, but when it all clicks the Midget is a peach to drive. This British Racing Green example claims a 300-hour nut and bolt restoration. It really does look the part. Bring me my tweed jacket.

- See the MG Midget ad here


2005 FPV GT



A V8 manual Ford Falcon for thirty-three grand? Bargain. This GT isn’t old enough to be called a classic… yet. Sure HSV moved more hot Aussie metal than FPV but would a Henry fan jump the fence into the red camp? Never. So if you want a car you can get in and drive daily, or punt on a back road that will reward you as a driver and in the future as an investment, take a close look at this one, because they will never be cheaper. And it claims only 66,850km – some say that is barely run in.

- See the FPV GT ad here


1957 Dodge Coronet Lancer



American coupes weren’t an unusual sight on our roads in the late 50s, but now they are as rare as an honest polly. The Dodge Coronet was ahead of its time with push button radio, power brakes and plastic coverings over the seats. It had a decent level of urge with a 325 V8 driving through a Torqueflite auto. The body looks to be in good nick as does the blue interior and the chrome gleams like it is new. One thing for sure, you couldn’t restore one for the asking price. It claims low mileage and comes with Chrysler historic paperwork, build sheet plus original books.

- See the Dodge Coronet ad here


1990 Holden VN Berlina



Launched with an advertising blitz during the 1988 Olympics, the VN was the first full-size Commodore. What we’ve seen over recent times is the steady rise in value of these and that ain’t about to stop. Being a Berlina it has a decent level of kit and this one claims a mere 68,000kms. While there is a bent eight up front it won’t bleed your nose with acceleration, having just 185 kilowatts. This one has also had HDT dive in and improve it for a more refined package. It has been in storage most its life hence the low kms. A good start to a collection?

- See the VN Commodore ad here


1990 Honda Legend



Honda took on the Europeans in the prestige car caper with the bravely named Legend. While it didn’t ruffle the establishment too much, it did offer a lot of appeal for those seeking a loads of lux motoring for not a lot of shekels. Like all Hondas, it’s as reliable as a Swiss watch with European levels of build quality and it’s fitted with powered everything. Best of all you know it will all work every time you want to use it. I have had a few in the shed over the years and none ever let me down. Not many Legend coupes were sold and for the money you couldn’t go too far wrong.

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