Texas home for sale offers six-car garage, and access to a 1.7 mile racetrack

By: Alex Affat, Unique Cars magazine

Texas house cover Texas house cover

Gearhead’s dream for less than a Sydney apartment

As much time as we spend dreaming over cars, it’s also fun to dream about a house to put them in.

There’s plenty to like for the gearhead in this Texas property, on the market for just AU$660,000 – or about the same as an apartment in metropolitan Melbourne or Sydney…

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With it you get two bedrooms, and two and a half bathroom – as well as a fully-kitted out garage/workshop with room for six cars; oh and it backs on to a 1.7 mile race track!


Situated on a 165 square metres property, the double storey house is located directly next to Cresson Texas’ Motorsport Ranch. Built in 2005, the entire ground floor is taken up by the six car garage, complete with two hoists (two-post and four-post), and more storage for tyres, parts and tools than your local mechanic workshop. Race deck flooring makes short work of cleaning up oil spills too, and a full size washroom inside the garage is a godsend when you’ve spent a day under the cars.


Upstairs sees the main living area: open floor plan with stained concrete floors. Custom cabinetry festoons the kitchen, along with granite countertops and a walk-in pantry. The house is framed by a wraparound balcony with picturesque views of the Texan landscape, and the track of course.


While the adjacent circuit isn’t yours to own along with the house; club membership offers unparalleled access with a short shuttle from the driveway landing you smack bang in the middle of the paddock. The track features two configurations – 1.3 miles and 1.7 miles. Track membership sets you back a reasonable USD$100 per month following a one-time fee of USD$3,700.

You can view the full details of 9120 Performance Court, Cresson Texas at the realtor’s website here.

Perhaps we should move the Unique Cars offices stateside… Thoughts, Guido?


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