End of an Era: Shannons to launch four-part docuseries on Australian Manufacturing

By: Alex Affat, Unique Cars magazine

With storytelling by Shane Jacobson, the series celebrates the unique industry that shaped our nation

Shannons' End of an Era is a new four-part docuseries retelling and celebrating the unique Australian car industry that spanned 120 years of our nation’s history.

Like us, Shannons felt a deep loss once our local manufacturers shuttered their doors for the last time and have spent two years putting together the series, with the help of Australia’s leading motor historians, car designers, racing drivers, industry veterans and commentators.

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Shannons’ End of an Era provides a factual and historical account of how the motor car became an deep-seeded part of the Australian way of life.


From the turn of the century and gold-rush to early steam and petrol powered vehicles, through the burgeoning long distance reliability rallies and the golden era of door-to-door motorsport, Shannons’ believes that the car was very much at the centre of Australiana.

The Series is corner stoned by the excellent storytelling by Shane Jacobson, fusing unseen history and personal reflection over four one-hour parts:

Part 1: From Goldrush to the Early Years (1900-1959)
Part 2: The Swingin’ Sixties to the Love Generation (1960-1979)
Part 3: Eighties Big Hair to the Beginning of the End (1980-1999)
Part 4: A Legacy Lost (2000-2007)

The first part is set to launch on September 1 and will be released fortnightly on Shannons Club.


We had the pleasure of a private condensed viewing of the series last night, and it’s truly something to make grown men cry.

End of an Era features rare archival vision and images from the vaults of museums, car companies and personal collections – and is full of facts and history that you may have never heard before.

"In good times and bad, the industry supported us and gave us jobs, taught us skills and a new start for many coming to our shores. But our cars also entertained us – they took us to work, to the beach, on holidays, to the drive-in and to church on Sunday… they created legends from our race tracks, pushing man and machine to the limit and beyond, in front of race fans who became customers." Said Jacobson.


"It’s an incredible story to tell and as a self-confessed Holden tragic, I’ve learnt so much about the cars that shaped our lives".

Watch the first part of Shannons’ End of an Era on September 1 at www.shannons.com.au/endofanera


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