One-of-one Lamborghini Miura ‘Millechiodi’ for sale

By: Alex Affat, Unique Cars magazine

Lamborghini Miura Millechiodi front Lamborghini Miura Millechiodi front
Lamborghini Miura Millechiodi rear Lamborghini Miura Millechiodi rear
Lamborghini Miura Millechiodi boot Lamborghini Miura Millechiodi boot
Lamborghini Miura Millechiodi engine Lamborghini Miura Millechiodi engine
Lamborghini Miura Millechiodi interior Lamborghini Miura Millechiodi interior

Unique period tribute to the original Miura Jota which was famously destroyed

You may not have heard of the Lamborghini Miura ‘Millechiodi’, but you may have heard of the unique Miura Jota that was built by Lamborghini Engineer Bob Wallace and famously crashed and burnt to a crisp.

Well, that Miura Jota was the inspiration behind this one-off build – commissioned by Milanese businessman Walter Ronchi (former owner of the crashed Miura Jota).


Ronchi sought a replacement for the now-gone Jota, and commissioned Lamborghini’s Sant’Agata factory to transform a standard P400 S into a Jota-inspired Miura.


Millechiodi (roughly translating to 1000 nails), was named after its riveted bodywork, built faithfully to the factory’s later Miura SVJs, and Bob Wallace’s original skunkworks pet project.

Utilising a standard early build Miura P400S – which already boasted improved handling, build quality and cabin ergonomics than the original Miura – Rochi’s brief for a ‘psuedo SVJ’ was realised with a tuned engine, free-flowing exhaust and various body modifications including the full-width front chin spoiler and Plexiglass-covered headlights.


It was finished in British Racing Green and trimmed with black leather before it hit the market in the late 70s.

The car bounced around between a few high-profile European collectors, one of them – Aldo Cudone of Padova, Italy – sent the car to Michelottia (local race-prep company who helped development the Ferrari F40 and F40 GTE) in for a mechanical rebuild. Around this time the car was also painted red, and was stored in Padova, largely unsued, until Cudone’s death. Cudone’s expansive car collection was auctioned off in Monaco in 2001, including this one-off Miura.

The Miura, while in good condition, was far from original: but was bought by a Swiss collector who sent the car back to Italy to be repainted in original British Racing Green.


The current owner then purchased the car in 2015, and had the car fully deconstructed for a faithful nut-and-bolt restoration to Walter Rochi’s original mid-70s vision.

The latest work totalled in excess of €300,000 (AU$493,000), and sees the car’s condition as fantastic as ever.

The one-off Miura is an extremely rare and unique Lamborghini factory commission, and joins the Miura Jota, and Miura SVJS in good company for its extreme history and provenance.

Millechiodi is once again on the market, on offer from Kidston SA in Switzerland. No price is publically listed, but given the Miura’s already incredible market value – and this particular car’s unique history – this might be one of the highest value Miuras in existence.

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