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By: Angelo Loupetis

holden factory manuals holden factory manuals

Angelo's petrol-head passion doesn't stop with classic cars - he's always on the lookout for cool NOS memorabilia and accessories

EJ Holden factory manuals

A car's history is a valuable asset when it comes to your classic. Unfortunately for many of us the original books are long gone. This is a great collection of EJ history comprising the Owners Manual, service book, Nasco accessories brochure, Air Chief radio manual and even the Holden warranty tag!

COST $175 plus shipping


1967 Ford Mustang steering wheel


The steering wheel in your car is such a crucial part of your driving experience. If your Pony is missing its original twirler or is in need of TLC it can't get any better than a brand spanker in the packaging from 1967!

COST $325 plus shipping


Holden Commodore 202 air cleaner


What a find! – a brand new 202 air cleaner for your VC-VK Commodore and it's even boxed in the original GM packaging. This would be the finishing touch to your resto. Do your homework as this air cleaner must have been carried over to various local models and NOS stuff like this will only get harder to find.

COST $165 plus shipping


Blaupunkt Frankfurt Z-Series 1968-69 Porsche 911 radio


Aftermarket radios spoil the cabin of a good classic car and if you're chasing the original head unit that you once threw out you know the cost involved in replacing it! Here we have a brand-new boxed Blaupunkt unit fitted to the US market 911 from 1968-69. The last piece for your puzzle, perhaps.

COST $2,148 plus shipping & GST


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