Moffat replica Mustang launched by Tickford

By: Guy Allen, Unique Cars magazine

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moffat mustang 2019 Tickford has launched a Moffat replica 50 years after the debut of his Boss 302. moffat mustang 2019
moffat mustang1969 Tickford has launched a Moffat replica 50 years after the debut of his Boss 302. moffat mustang1969

New tribute car celebrates 50 years since the local debut of the Kar-Kraft Boss 302

Some 50 years ago, local race legend Allan Moffat successfully debuted a car that was to seriously shake-up local tin-top racing: a Boss 302 built by Ford race division Kar-Kraft in the USA.

He and the car - one of just seven Trans-Am Mustangs built at the time - won a touring car round on debut and that machine would become the most valuable Mustang in the country.

Local tuning outfit Tickford Racing is harking back to that success with the launch of a tribute version in two levels, with the blessing of Moffat.

"The Tickford Trans-Am is probably the most exciting car project I have ever been part of. It has made an old racer like me feel proud of my racing history and what I have been involved with. My original '69 Trans-Am Mustang was an incredible race car and I have so many great memories of the battles I won on track," said Moffat.

In addition to a graphics package that mimics Moffat's 'Coca-Cola Mustang', there is a host of upgrades to the spec, including engine and chassis.

You can opt an ECU upgrade that claims 400kW of power and 620Nm of torque on a manual (376kW on an auto), or go the whole way with a supercharger claiming 530kW.

Chassis alterations include braces, upgraded disc rotors and pads, plus a set of 20-inch Minilite-style wheels. The upper-level option includes upgraded brake calipers.

Both versions feature a heavily-revised interior.

Costs, in addition to supplying a car, are $33k for the Performance version and $53k for the Performance Plus.

According to Tickford: "One of the main features of the Performance Plus Edition, aside from the inclusion of a high-performance Wilwood 6- and 4-pot brake package, is the opportunity to participate in a number of unique Allan Moffat experiences and allow customers to hear first-hand from the man himself via various events and activities around the country."

The 100 cars are individually numbered on a first-come first-served basis and you can find out more via

See our story on the original 1969 Moffat car.

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